Automation Track Builder

Time to talk about the first (and so far only) open-source project that I created and maintain consistently (yes, Kiwi Krossing is on hiatus - shame on me!) - the Automation Track Builder.


This is an auxiliary web application for Automation, a “car company tycoon” game under development where you design cars and engines from scratch.
Currently, there are Multiplayer, Scenario and Sandbox modes available, and the finished version will present a Campaign mode a la Detroit.

One of the car designer’s features is the possiblity of choosing a track and setting a lap on it. There are two available from the start, and more can be created and downloaded.
The process of track creation used to be somewhat cumbersome, involving manual editing of Lua files and a lot of trial and error. This application was designed to facilitate it - you can start from scratch (or import an existing track) and edit everything visually.

You can access it here. Fellow forumite 07CobaltGirl made a tutorial that helps learning its functionality.


This app was made possible thanks to several JavaScript libraries. In particular:

  • AngularJS, the main framework
  • Fabric.js, for drawing the track preview
  • luaparse, a JS parser for Lua source files - used to import existing track files
  • mustache.js, a template system used to export the tracks to the Automation format

Not to mention libraries such as Grunt and Bower, which automate a significant chunk of the development process and make working with JavaScript much easier.
With their aid, web applications are very viable choices for portable development and smooth deployment.

Kiwi Krossing, day 3

A preview of the game in Flash

Now we got something. Still temporary sprites, but this time they point towards what the final game will be.

The physics are still the same, though, which makes things weird.